Queen Elizabeth – The Virgin Queen

Wow….this is frustrating…I just wrote an entire post and clicked on “save draft” and the whole thing disappeared.  So here we go again…

We did our presentation on Queen Elizabeth I and I immediately became completely intrigued with her while researching her life story.  I loved how she did things ‘her’ way, and how successful she was with ruling her country and its people.  She was graceful enough to accept and listen to the suggestions and recommendations of her advisers, but ultimately followed her gut feelings on any decisions she made.

Although she eventually adopted the name of “The Virgin Queen”, in her early years, she was anything but. Few historians believe that Elizabeth rejected the idea of marriage as a deliberate act of will.  On the contrary, on two separate occasions during her early reign,  Elizabeth indicated that she wanted to marry two particular suitors.  In 1560, she gave every appearance of being in love with Lord Robert Dudley, a son of Northumberland and the master of her horse.  The only problem was that Dudley was married. Rumours spread that Elizabeth would marry him if his wife, Amy Robsart, died.

In September 1560, Amy did die under mysterious circumstances. In a country home, without her husband present, she fell down a staircase, breaking her neck. Investigators did not implicate Dudly and historians have  doubted that he conspired against her.  Because of this controversy, but also because of the unpopularity of the Dudley Family, sometime that winter, Elizabeth decided that she would not marry him. Politically, the fierce opposition to her choice of husband expressed in Council, at court and in the country in at large also led Elizabeth to conclude that she would lose the support of influential subjects and create grave political difficulties if she went ahead with this particular match.

Elizabeth then devoted herself and her life to the well-being and success of her country.  It was said that leading up to her death, her coronation ring had to be cut from her finger as the skin had begun to grow around it.  That, my friends, is dedication to your country.


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