Tomalyn’s Lament…

I’m baaaaaackkkk…for all those bloggers who thought I could have possibly fallen off the face of the online Earth, I’m still kicking around.  After many weeks of neglect, I shamefully apologize for the absence of weekly blog updates (@ Dr. Jones).  There really isn’t an excuse other than an extremely hectic school schedule and a 14 month old who has been sick since Christmas…but who isn’t busy this time of the year? Ever since our lack of blogging ‘slap on the wrist’ in class a few weeks ago, I have felt guilty about this.  SO…as I sit in Florida for the March Break (with my sweater and socks on…so much for fun in the sun), my goal is to get completely caught up with my blogs.  One a day.  It. Will. Get. Done.

As a person who sees the glass as ‘half full’, I have realized that maybe this is a good thing that I’m finally tackling my work 6 weeks later.  I had to re-read the material as a refresher, and it gave me a better understanding of what I so quickly breezed through weeks ago. Throw in my notes from the classroom lecture on the texts and Voila!  I think I get it.  So here are my thoughts…

From the get-go (regarding ‘The Wife’s Lament’), I could sense the deep sorrow and pain felt by the speaker in the poem, comparing the hardships she is facing  to those of her childhood.  Nothing measures up to the pain she currently feels.  She has no one to talk to, no support of family or friends…she has been abandoned and completely defeated by the man she was supposed to love for the rest of her life.  Unfortunately, her husband is not the person she thought he would be.  She has been fooled and duped; and now must face the resulting consequences.  A cold, dark and dreary life filled with much resentment with only dreams of love, warmth and freedom. She knows that this may be possible for some, but will be unattainable for her.  From what I understand, she seems to close the poem with the hopes that the man who put her in this situation will one day experience the pain she feels now.

I always have a hard time connecting to and understanding most texts pre-18th century.  But after reading the different versions of this text for a second time today, it seemed to hit home.  It really sheds some light on the position of Anglo Saxon women, and the lack of choice and liberty they had.  It makes you appreciate what we have today and see how far women have come to become their own person.

Ok, one down….five to go.  🙂


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